Road to Recovery
By Hussam Mahmoud, PhD, and Patrick McManus, SE, PE, PhD 
A look at resilience in steel buildings subjected to earthquakes or other hazards.

Sturdy Spine
By Barbara G. Simpson
Developing a design methodology for steel strongback braced frames.

Steel Specifications…Untangled!
By Jon Beier, PE
Project specifications for steel can help keep designs grounded in reality while also serving as a guide.

A Big Connection Between Small Towns
By Greg Hasbrouck, PE
A new bridge between Iowa and Illinois signals another success for structural steel over the Mississippi River.

BIM for Bridges and Structures
By Aaron Costin, PhD, and Jason Stith, SE, PE, PhD
Bridging the information exchange chasm.

Balanced Design
By Erin Spaulding
A Seattle office building incorporates castellated beams to balance high-seismic needs with green objectives.

Seismic Matters
By Larry S. Muir, PE
A closer look at seismic design with AISC’s Steel Solutions Center.

Standing Safe and Strong
By Tom Schlafly
The upcoming Safety Stand-Down provides a great opportunity to bring the topic of safety to the forefront and ensure that it continues to be properly addressed year-round.

Are You Properly Specifying Materials? 
By Jonathan Tavarez
As material specifications change and improve, so too can your steel-framed buildings.

Integrating Hygge at Work 
By Anne Scarlett
Try giving a warm welcome to the Danish take on contentment and coziness.