Narrow Margin
By Ken Saindon, SE, PE, and Alex Whitney, PE
It’s a tight—but successful—squeeze for a replacement steel span in a remote Idaho canyon.

Rebuilding a City in Steel
By Michel Bruneau, PEng, PhD, and Gregory A. MacRae, PhD
A report on construction activity in Christchurch, New Zealand, following a devastating earthquake offers insights on how other cities might recover after potential similar events in the future—and why steel has become the material of choice for much of the city’s repaired, rebuilt and new buildings.

Polyaspartic Coatings
By Ahren Olson, Todd Williams and Ronnie Medlock, PE
Reducing the cost of shop-painted steel bridges by improving painting efficiency.

Spanning Generations—and Troubled Waters
By Victoria Cservenyak
A team of bridge professionals connects a remote Panamanian village to nearby communities with a new bridge over a treacherous river.

Design With a Twist
By Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD
AISC’s new design guide provides much-needed advice on designing projects with curved steel.

Unlisted Materials – Part 1
By Larry S. Muir, PE, and Thomas J. Schlafly
A look at materials and products that are not included in the AISC Specification’s list of approved materials.

Choose Strategy
By Andy Slipher
Answer the magic question of “How?” with a solid strategy.