Open for Business
By Benton Johnson, SE, PE
Steel facilitates an open, efficient floor plan and a building-length atrium in the first structure of a
major riverfront development in Chicago.

National “Truss” for Historic Preservation
By Jason Myers, SE, PE, Shane Maxemow, SE, PE, and Timon Hazell
A new truss brings structural modernization to a century-old Washington apartment building.

VIP Treatment
By Dave Rowe, SE
Steel framing plays the gracious host at UNLV’s new hospitality school in the entertainment capital of
the world.

Increased Attendance
By Justin Cook, SE, PE
An upgraded and expanded convention center raises Spokane’s profile as a conference and exhibition

Artistic Arch
By Shankar Nair, SE, PE, PhD, Vinod Patel, SE, PE, Nadia Abou and Sarah Wilkinson
A new steel bridge in downstate Illinois adds flair to its flat surroundings with an eye-catching blue

Robotic Revelations
By Geoff Weisenberger
Fabrication equipment manufacturers weigh in on their implementation of robotics and the benefits of

Best of Both Worlds
By Alana Hochstein
Duplex systems employing painting or powder coating over hot-dip galvanized steel blend long-term protection with desired aesthetics. Here is some practical advice on successfully specifying and getting the most out of a duplex system.

Effective Project Management
By Keith Riding, PE
Strong teams and strong phasing make for strong projects.