24   2019 IDEAS2 Awards
All about the great ideas that became the winning projects in this year’s AISC IDEAS2 Awards competition.
• 181 Fremont, San Francisco
• Superior Court of California, San Diego
• LondonHouse Hotel, Chicago
• Spectrum IV, San Diego
• University of Texas at Austin Engineering Education
   and Research Building Atrium, Austin, Texas
• Apple Michigan Avenue, Chicago
• The Exchange at 100 Federal Street, Boston
• Vespertine, Culver City, Calif.
• Caddell Building, Atlanta
• Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn, Paso Robles, Calif.
• Helen Diller Civic Center Playground, San Francisco
• The Spheres, Seattle
• 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York

56   Managing Management Review
By Anna Petroski
Management review is a valuable component of AISC certification—and it doesn’t need to be painful.

58   Rewriting the Book on Parking Structure Design
By John Horst, PE
As Nashville’s population shoots skyward, the parking structure for the city’s main library follows suit with a multistory steel expansion.


16   Prequalified Update
By Margaret Matthew, PE
A new supplement to AISC 358 includes three prequalified connection updates: a revision, an expansion, and a whole new connection.

business issues
20   A Letter to/from the New Engineer
By Aaron Kostrzewa
Advice from a new engineer to those entering the workforce—and also those that mentor, manage, and work with them.

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