24   Bridging the Gap between Designer and Builder
By Geoff Weisenberger
A collaborative mindset and an architect-as-prime delivery approach culminate in a stunning university pedestrian bridge that connects not only disparate campus areas but also communities.

36   Steel Sendoff
By Cliff Young and Touan Plante
Thanks to an innovative detailing and design process, a massive new steel-framed cruise terminal in Miami will let passengers set sail in style.

42   Revisiting Redundancy: Part Two
By Francisco J. Bonachera Martin, PE, PhD, and Jason B. Lloyd, PE, PhD
This second article in the three-part Revisiting Redundancy series discusses exploiting system-level redundancy.

46   Solar Steel
By Geoff Weisenberger 
An AISC member fabricator has rolled out rooftop solar arrays on several facilities--and is seeing sunny returns.


51   Effective Education
By Christian Crosby, PE
To develop an effective training program for your organization, you must be intentional.

54   Keep it Clear
By John Edwards
A clear and simple guide to writing a clear and simple--and effective--quality procedure.

58   Go Big
By Mike Senneway
Considering going after a major project? Here's some advice on whether to take a shot--or not--and how to let the owner know that you're the right company for the job.



16   Designing for Dissipation
By Aaron Malatesta, PE, Bob Schneider, and Craig Winters
Advice on designing buildings for seismic energy dissipation using fluid viscous dampers and ASCE 7 alternative procedures.

field notes
20   Beating the Drum
Interview By Geoff Weisenberger
Structural engineer (and drummer) Bill Bast has designed projects for the base of Chicago's tallest building twice, including a recent major renovation.

business issues
22   Building the Fellowship
By Dan Coughlin
The Actions of Leadership, Part Two: Putting together the right team for your organization’s quest.