24   Inside Job
By James Savage, SE, PE
If you’re a global architectural and engineering firm, who better than you to design your own new, steel-framed office building?


32   Joist Cause
By James M. Fisher, PE, PhD
Designing single-story buildings with lateral load-resisting frames using joists and joist girders.

38   Streamlined Design
By Brian Volpe, SE, PE
There are plenty of design and detail issues that can unnecessarily add cost to structural steel projects. Here’s how to alleviate some of the more common ones.

42   NASCC: The Steel Conference 2020 Exhibitor List



16   Dipping Details
By Alana Fossa
A brief look at resources and advice on detailing for hot-dip galvanizing applications.

field notes
20   Longtime Lion
Interview By Geoff Weisenberger
Lou Geschwindner has provided plenty of instruction and insight to students and professionals alike in his time as a Penn State professor and a vice president at AISC.

business issues
22   Thoughts on Excellence
By Dan Coughlin
The Actions of Leadership Series, Part 3: Talk about big dreams and little details every day.