24    Center of Innovation
By Stephen Kane, PE
Philadelphia's new tallest building, dedicated to technology and accommodation, uses steel to successfully address disparate structural challenges.

32    Well-Rounded Education
By Carlo Taddei, PE
Modern steel design and construction help Texas A&M University's new 21st Century Classroom Building live up to its name.

40    AESS Success
By Ryan Curtis, PE
Considering AESS on your next exposed steel project? Then consider these tips to help ensure an attractive, successful outcome.

46    AESS Answers
By Jacinda Collins, PE, and Jennifer Anna Pazdon, PE
Answers to frequently asked questions about architecturally exposed structural steel.

54    Dry Run
By Kristi Sattler, SE, PE, PhD
When it came to the 2020 AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition, the events may have been canceled, but the preparation and dedication that students put into their bridges were in full swing. And teams will be able to hit the ground running when the competition returns.

60    SteelDay: Everywhere
By Erika Salisbury
Celebrate steel--virtually--on this year's SteelDay.



16    Shearly Perfect
By Larry S. Muir, PE, and Carlo Lini, PE
Experts from AISC’s Steel Solutions Center provide practical guidance on ensuring that your modeled connections, particularly shear connections, turn out as “perfect” as possible.

field notes
20    Perfect Pair
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Two architects that came into the profession from very different angles have joined forces to bring their creative visions to life.

business issues
22    Look Ahead 
By Dan Coughlin
Keeping your eyes at least partially on the future can help you anticipate and remove potential obstacles.