26   Attractive and Accessible
By Matthew J. Moore, PE
A new steel pedestrian bridge in New York’s Riverside Park blends beauty with ADA compliance, providing a scenic route over busy Amtrak lines and the Henry Hudson Parkway.

36   Take Two
By Albert J. Meyer, Jr., PE
The second phase of a student housing development in Philadelphia turns to steel to sync up with the first phase.

42   A Simple Solution for Simple-Span Bridges
By Atorod Azizinamini, PE, PhD
A look at the second generation of the folded steel plate girder bridge system.

46   Accelerated Welding: Part Two
By Duane K. Miller, PE, Curtis L. Decker, SE, PE, PhD, and Michael S. Flagg
Taking on the need for speed in welding applications.

52   Century Club: Standard Iron
By Geoff Weisenberger
AISC is 100! And we’re featuring our longest continuously running member fabricators throughout 2021.

54   When Steel Prices Spike
By Edward Seglias, Esq, and Matthew Skaroff, Esq
Defensive legal strategies and contracts can help fabricators navigate unexpected and dramatic material price fluctuations.

56   Back to Building
By Jennifer Traut-Todaro
While pandemic-related delays and material shortages and price increases have added additional construction challenges, remember: We’ve seen this movie before. And steel’s flexibility and relative schedule predictability can help guide the story to a happy ending.



16   Elevated Expectations
By Alana Fossa
Clearing up misconceptions and implementing best practices when it comes to hot-dip galvanized structural steel.

data driven
20   Building Bigger
By Joe Dardis
Data Driven highlights market trends, economic forecasts, or other relevant numbers that affect steel design and construction. This month’s edition focuses on changes in the types of buildings being constructed.

field notes
22   Forging a Connection
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Hunter Ruthrauff’s Forge Prize-winning design was generated by his personal connection to San Diego’s Balboa Park and addresses the need for a public connection across one of its canyons.

business issues
24   Predictive-Based Safety
By Tim Gattie
Using data and analytics to prevent incidents before they occur.