30   Immersive Installation
By John Jucha, SE, Shaun Franklin, PE, and Michael Olsen, PE
Steel helps arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf achieve its immersive vision with a quirky new venue on a tight site in Denver.

36   Treading Lightly
By Brett Sauter, SE, PE
A Chicago bridge project powers through COVID-19 impacts while minimizing its own impacts on the train and highway traffic it traverses.

40   Faster and Faster
By Brett Manning, SE, Dave P. Wright, Keith D. Palmer, SE, PhD, and Ryan Cooke, PE, PhD
An already speedy steel plate core system becomes even faster thanks to an innovative “split” planning mindset.

48   Hillside Steel
By Ralph Parrish and Robert Horton, PE, PEng
A new steel fabricator headquarters building is both carved out of and blended into the foothills of the Appalachians.

54   Navigating Sustainability
By Laura Micheli, PhD, Bruce Brothersen, SE, PE, PEng, and Scott Russell, SE, PE, PEng
Notes on navigating the evolving sustainability landscape.

60   And We’re Back
By Geoff Weisenberger
NASCC: The Steel Conference returns to an in-person format for the first time since 2019.



16   Are You Properly Specifying Materials?
By Jonathan Tavarez, PE
Learn what’s new in the world of structural steel materials.

Data Driven
24   Rough Waters
By Joe Dardis
As we navigate the turbulent seas of construction pricing, remember that we’re all in the same boat.

Field Notes
26   Intercontinental Connection
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Gian Rassati, a 2022 AISC Special Achievement Award winner, began life in a small Italian mountain town and has gone on to do big things in bolting research.

Business Issues
28   A Letter to Entry-Level Engineers
By Ryan Curtis, PE
Advice for today’s young engineers on their way to becoming tomorrow’s engineering leaders.