30   Riding the Wave
By Kevin A. Kuntz, SE, and Terry Palmer, PE
Nashville’s upgraded airport will soon greet passengers with a signature steel “airwave” roof and accompanying pedestrian bridge.

36   Spanning the Susquehanna
By Ahmad Ahmadi, PE, PhD
Early collaboration helps maximize efficiency and the steel package for a new highway bridge over the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania.

42   Choose Your Own (Steel) Adventure
By Bob Anderson, SE, PE, Drew Miller, PE, and Russel Dingman
Tampa residents and visitors now have a new steel-framed fork in the road that appropriately routes local and regional traffic.

50   A Bridge to Somewhere
By Kenneth D. Price, SE, PE
Utah’s longest pedestrian bridge lets users take in the scenery as they cross over a major Interstate and railroad tracks. It also cuts considerable time and risk for commuters to Utah Valley University’s main campus.

54   Bridging the BIM Gap 
By Brenda Crudele, PE, and Julianne Fuda, PE
Model-based contracting for steel bridge projects, while still in the early phases, is showing promise for the future.

60   Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
By Geoff Weisenberger
This year’s SteelDay isn’t stopping at just one day but rather is lasting all week, thanks to the Flash Steel Conference and other events.



16   Sound Advice
By Franklin D. Lancaster, PE, RA
Designing for sound and vibration in steel facilities is easy when you use the right tools.

Data Driven
22   Off to Work, We Go!
By Joe Dardis
The most recent domestic jobs report brings good news for the construction industry—and hopes that it will continue.

Field Notes
24   Half a Century in Steel
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Grady Harvell has been a driving force in Arkansas’ steel industry, as well as in bringing a structural research lab to the state’s flagship university.

Business Issues
26   The Value of Reverence
By Dan Coughlin
Mutual respect can elevate just about any relationship at work, at home, or anywhere else.