Floor Beam Proves Fire-Resistant

Peikko VideoSteel structures typically require special partitions or fireproofing methods, but a new steel floor system has been proven to achieve a four-hour fire rating on its own.

Deltabeam, a slim-floor system for multi-story buildings, was recently tested with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in Northbrook, Ill. It successfully passed the requirements of the one-, two-, three- and four-hour ratings without any fire protection, making it the first fire-rated exposed steel beam. (UL Ratings are now available at under N904, N905 and N906.)

The system’s manufacturer, Peikko (an AISC member), today published a video on the Deltabeam fire test, which includes commentary from AISC Vice President John Cross and Director of Technical Marketing, Tabitha Stine.

“This type of design allows for a low floor-to-floor height application with no additional fire protection being required, and that’s a huge benefit in the marketplace,” said Cross. “Those are the kinds of questions we hear on a daily basis, and to be able to say there is an innovative solution to address to address that - that’s huge.”

“UL is known as the authority for fire ratings,” added Stine. “To get the local building code to sign off on a tested assembly and for the architects and engineers to hang their hat on it, you need that trusted designation by UL.”