60 Minutes Reports on America's Neglected Infrastructure

A structure was built beneath this steel arch bridge in Pittsburgh to catch any falling debris from the concrete deck. 

Corroded steel, crumbling concrete and lack of investment are hurting America’s infrastructure, CBS’s 60 Minutes reported recently in the segment “Falling Apart: America’s Neglected Infrastructure.”

The feature story by CBS correspondent Steve Kroft highlighted the crumbling state of the nation’s infrastructure, looking at the problem as it relates to economics, America’s competitiveness in the world and life safety.

Kroft stressed that nearly 70,000 bridges in America -- one out of every nine -- is now considered to be structurally deficient. He also spoke with former U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who stated the nation’s roads and bridges are “on life support.”

The report reinforces that the government’s current infrastructure investments are unsustainable, as evidenced by the Highway Trust Fund insolvency, and questions Congress’ ability to come up with a long-term fix.

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