New Design Aids for Your Steel Tool Belt

Screenshots of the Structural Steel Detailing Tool and CraneBeam 2010 in use.

The Steel Solutions Center is offering two new Steel Tools: the Structural Steel Detailing Tool and CraneBeam 2010. Both are available for free at  

The Structural Steel Detailing Tool is the ultimate reference for detailing dimensions for all rolled sections in the 14th Edition AISC Steel Construction Manual -- while at your desk or on the go. For a direct link to this resource, go to

Crane Beam was originally developed as a companion to AISC Design Guide 7 as an educational utility to help with crane runway design. The latest version is now updated for the 2005 and 2010 AISC Specifications. Wide flange beams and beams with cap channels can be evaluated, and detailed sample calculations follow procedures in the Design Guide and AISC Specifications. Calculations can be done using any of the 1989 ASD, 1999 LRFD, 2005 LRFD/ASD and 2010 LRFD/ASD design methods.

An online community with utilities developed by the SSC as well as design and construction professionals, helps visitors find an optimal solution for a wide variety of design and building challenges. To contact the SSC, email or call 866.ask.aisc. To learn more about the team and how they can help you, watch their new video.