Nuclear Facilities Spec Supplement Available for Public Review

A supplement to the AISC Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear Facilities (ANSI/AISC N690-12) is available for public review from October 10 to November 7, 2014. This is the second public review of this document, and includes only revisions made since the last public review held earlier this year.

Developed by an AISC Adhoc Subcommittee under Task Committee 12 - Nuclear Facilities Design and ultimately approved by the AISC Committee on Specifications, the draft supplement to the specification incorporates a new appendix providing requirements for the design and construction of steel-plate composite walls. The system consists of two steel faceplates composite with structural concrete sandwiched between them for use in safety-related structures for nuclear facilities.

Download the supplement here and the public review form here.

Copies of the supplement and public review form are also available (for a $15 nominal charge) by calling 312.670.5411. Please submit comments using the public review form to Cynthia J. Duncan, AISC’s director of engineering, at by November 7, 2014, for consideration.