Steel Shots: Staying Afloat

A new convenience store, located just south of the Arizona-Utah border near the beginning of the Grand Canyon, keeps its head above water with an innovative structural steel framing system. The flotation portion of the structure consists of wide-flange beams and HSS that are designed as a truss system to evenly distribute loads throughout the platform. Photo: Aramark

Heading down to the corner store for a gallon of milk is a bit different experience at Lake Powell’s Wahweap Marina.

That’s because the store floats. Situated between the marina’s docks and houseboats, the 6,655-sq.-ft building - which houses the Wahweap Marina Store, a restaurant and office space - is supported by a 10,144-sq.-ft floating platform. The structure is topped with a 1,425-sq.ft covered deck on the second floor that allows visitors to relax and drink in their surroundings.

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