SteelXML Moves Into Beta Testing

AISC member FabSuite, LLC has released the SteelXML schema (allowing for a fully electronic RFQ exchange) for public beta testing. Once successfully tested on a limited basis, the schema will be fully implemented and made available to all FabSuite clients. This represents a major milestone in the development of the first real-world application of e-commerce in the structural steel industry.

“AISC’s steelXML initiative will improve the way steel is quoted, purchased, delivered and managed,” commented Luke Faulkner, AISC’s director of IT initiatives.

The steelXML schema has been developed by AISC with a working group consisting software vendors, service centers, producers and fabricators.

The project aims to provide a standard file format that every MIS software, modeling software and material management software (at buyer or supplier ends) can easily implement to streamline the complete process of material procurement and management.

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