Second Quarter Engineering Journal Available Online

The second quarter 2015 issue of AISC’s Engineering Journal is now available at You can view, download and print the current digital edition. Articles in this issue include:

  • “Seismic Response of Partial-Joint-Penetration Welded Column Splices in Moment-Resisting Frames” by Sean M. Shaw, Kimberly Stillmaker and Amit M. Kanvinde

  • “Effect of Link-Beam Stiffener and Brace Flange Alignment on Inelastic Cyclic Behavior of Eccentrically Braced Frames” by Reza Imani and Michel Bruneau

  • “The Chevron Effect - Not an Isolated Problem” by Patrick J. Fortney and William A. Thornton

  • “Steel Structures Research Update: Resilient Steel Plate Shear Walls” by Judy Liu

You can also search the complete EJ archive at Current and past articles are free to AISC members and ePubs subscribers; non-AISC members may subscribe to EJ at the AISC bookstore.