Steel Shots: Tackling Transfers

An encased transfer girder waiting to be lifted into place. Photo: Courtesy of KPFF

Sempra Energy’s new 16-story headquarters building is nearing completion in downtown San Diego, serving as a pioneer for future office development and offering tenants spectacular views of San Diego Bay and the Coronado Bridge.

The project site is home to the oldest operating fire station in the city (in service since 1938) along with two other historically significant buildings. The new facility provides approximately 330,000 sq. ft of office space with four levels of subterranean parking and an additional three levels of aboveground parking.

A fast-paced construction schedule and complex building program required the concrete parking decks and core wall lateral system to be integrated with a steel framed floor and column system. KPFF Engineers designed an encased girder system to transfer the column load; a task that seemed impractical if not improbable to accomplish at the time.

You’ll be able to read more about how KPFF tackled this transfer tribulation in the April 2015 issue of Modern Steel.

In the meantime, you can check out a video of the Revit model that was used for the project's BIM process, as well as a construction camera showing the building’s progression.