Crowdfunding Campaign Supports New Documentary on Ralph Modjeski

Interested in some memorabilia commemorating one of America's greatest bridge designers? An Indeigogo campaign is seeking funds to help produce a documentary on Ralph Modjeski. (What's an Indeigogo campaign? It's a crowdfunding website that allows groups to raise money. The best known site is Kickstarter; other sites include Gofundme and Fundable.)

The documentary has raised $170,000 to date and needs another $25,000 to complete post-production work. Those who donate $25 or more will receive "perks" such as a DVD, movie poster or bridge photograph.

"Bridging Urban America" celebrates master engineer Ralph Modjeski, seven of his most awesome bridges, and their impact on urban development in America. A tribute to engineering and innovation and the melding of art and science, the movie offers a deeper look at the scientific mind and artistic soul of a Polish-born, Paris-trained immigrant who contributed to the building of a modern America.

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