AISC Certification to Update Audit Documents

AISC Certification will be updating the Audit Report and the Participant Corrective Action Request (CAR) Procedure. This update will apply to all audits beginning March 30, 2015.

The Audit Report will be split into two separate documents: Site Audit Scope and Site Audit Findings. Although the two new documents will not be published on the AISC website (as they are auditing tools for recording scopes, findings, and recommendations for onsite audits), they will be sent to applicants and participants post-audit. The changes are due to AISC Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification conforming to ISO 17021:2011 requirements.

The first document is the Site Audit Scope which includes confirmation of the site audit scope, certification scope, declarations for conflicts of interest, receipt of any corrective action requests and the need for submission of a Key Variables Change form.

The second document will be the Site Audit Findings, which is the second page of the current audit report. Separating the Site Audit Findings into its own document will allow for improved recording of the site audit results. The audit findings are comprised of: Identified Strengths, Opportunities for Improvement and Areas of Concern, as well as details of the projects/jobs used to gather objective evidence. Site audit nonconformities will be recorded on the Corrective Action Request form.

For the CAR Procedure, the instructions for completion and submission of evidence by the participants have been revised to require a file naming format when submitting evidence, which will improve the review and closure process. The instructions can be found at by clicking the “Participants” tag and looking under “Participant Forms.”

If you have any questions or comments, please contact AISC Certification at or 312.670.7520.