JMC Steel Invests in Modular Construction System

The VectorBloc modular construction system.

Steel pipe and tube manufacturer JMC Steel Group (an AISC Member) has announced that it is making a significant investment in VectorBloc, a structural connection system for modular construction developed by Vector Praxis.

“JMC will be providing capital and technical expertise for the support and development of the VectorBloc system,” said Barry Zekelman, chairman and CEO of JMC Steel Group. “This investment is paramount for the partnership of both of our companies. By investing in Vector Praxis and their VectorBloc system, JMC is enabling the development of exciting new opportunities for the structural steel industry.”

The main purpose of JMC’s investment in Vector Praxis is to develop the VectorBloc system’s potential in the modular construction marketplace. Since VectorBloc uses hollow structural sections (HSS) as the structural members of the modules, it is an ideal partnership for JMC, the company says, as the system promotes the use of HSS in modular construction.

“With JMC’s support, VectorBloc looks to grow and fulfill the potential that modular construction has to revolutionize the way buildings can be built,” added Brad Fletcher, structural engineer at Atlas Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group.

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