Steel Structure Trivia: 29 Years of Teaching Sculptures

The most recent teaching sculpture was installed at Arkansas State University earlier this month. 

Yesterday marked the 29th birthday of the installation of the original AISC Steel Sculpture. Developed by Duane Ellifritt, a distinguished educator and structural engineer, this model structure is designed to provide engineering students with an understanding of fundamental structural steel members and connections. AISC provides an electronic set of detailed drawings that can be used to fabricate the sculpture, which is oftentimes done by a local steel fabrication company. Over the years, modified versions of the sculpture have been created to serve as a valuable learning tool on around 170 college and university campuses across the U.S. and around the world.

Our October Steel Structure Trivia question is: Where was the first AISC Steel Sculpture installed?


The original AISC Steel Sculpture was installed on the University of Florida’s campus in Gainesville on October 29, 1986. Congratulations to our sole winner, Nep Viajar, a civil/structural engineer with Fluor Corp. in Houston! 

More information about the AISC Steel Sculpture, including a free download of the electronic drawings, can be found here.

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