Steel Structure Trivia: Roof Gazing at NASCC

The 2016 NASCC: The Steel Conference took place earlier this month at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., and was the second-largest NASCC ever (after last year’s show in Nashville), with 4,532 attendees. The hotel features massive atrium roofs where innovative steel design and glass come together to create bright and airy spaces for guests to enjoy entertainment, shopping and dining — and also alligators. 

Our April trivia question is:

How many acres total do the glazed roofs span at the Gaylord Palms hotel?

a.   1/2
b.   2
c.   4
d.   5 


The correct answer is c) 4. Congratulations to our winners: Jeff Rodeheaver, detailing manager, and Matt Baldwin, project manager, both with SWF Industrial, Inc., Wrightsville, Pa.! You can read more about the design and construction of the Gaylord Palms atrium roofs in the article “Glass Acres” from our November 2002 issue. And be sure to check AISC’s website for free recorded sessions from NASCC, which will be available in early June at

You can test your steel structure knowledge right here on our MSC website on the last Friday of each month, where a new trivia question will be posted to the News section. Note that due to the Memorial Day holiday in May, our next challenge will be posted on Friday, June 24.