CoreBrace Purchases Star Seismic

Production of BRBs at CoreBrace's fabrication facility. 

CoreBrace, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of SME Industries, Inc., recently announced its purchase of Star Seismic in Park City, Utah. The companies (both AISC Members) engineer and fabricate buckling restrained braces (BRBs) for the purpose of protecting buildings against earthquake-related stresses.

“This acquisition allows a combination of some of the best talent in the BRB industry, and we look forward to serving our customers and clients with expert solutions to their engineering and fabrication needs,” said Wayne Searle, CEO of CoreBrace.

CoreBrace fabrication facilities are currently located in West Jordan, Utah, and will relocate to a 75,000-sq.-ft facility in Pocatello, Idaho, within the next three months. Engineering, sales and executive offices will remain in West Jordan. All current Star Seismic projects will be completed by the new entity, CoreBrace, LLC, and both companies will operate under that name.