Steel Shots: 3 World Trade Center Tops Out

Structural steel for the 80-story 3 World Trade Center office tower topped out last week; the building will be completed in 2018. (Photos: AISC)

Structural steel for 3 World Trade Center topped out last week. At 1,079 ft and 80 floors, the 2.5-million-sq.-ft tower is envisioned to be the third-tallest skyscraper at the World Trade Center site — and will be the fifth-tallest in New York upon completion in 2018.

The tower consists of a steel framing system around a reinforced concrete core. A defining feature of the building is its load-sharing system of K-shaped bracing, which helps articulate the building’s east-west configuration. The tower’s gravity system has few interior columns and no perimeter columns, giving tenants ample space and unobstructed views.

The building’s three-story lobby will provide visitors a "big picture window" of the Memorial park outside and contain a retail complex with architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS). Upper floors will straddle those beneath in a podium building formation, lending the tower a distinct interlocking nature and facilitating the high occupancy of the office floors. Finally, the redeveloped Cortlandt & Dey Streets that interface with 3 WTC will improve the accessibility both of the retail spaces in the building, and the WTC Transportation Hub. The building will seek to achieve the LEED Gold standard for energy efficiency.

Owen Steel Company (an AISC member and certified fabricator) fabricated 27,000 tons of structural steel for the tower’s gravity system. NYC Constructors, a company of Banker Steel (an AISC member and certified fabricator) erected the structural steel for the project.

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