15th Edition Steel Construction Manual Now Available

AISC’s 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual is now available. This new edition of the Manual includes the 2016 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, with improvements and revisions in the provisions for slender-element compression members, shear strength and double angle and WT flexural strength, as well as the 2016 Code of Standard Practice, which clarifies the use of models, and new and enhanced architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) standards.

“AISC is aware of the difficulty experienced by the structural engineering profession when dealing with the frequent changes in building codes and material standards,” said Larry Kruth, PE, AISC’s vice president of engineering and research. “The enhancements in the 15th Edition Manual should be a great aid in helping structural engineers in adapting to these changes when designing with steel.”

This is the 15th major update of the Manual, which was first published in 1927. The 14th edition was released in 2011. Some of the major updates that have been made in the new edition of the Manual include:

  • New heavier W-shape sizes and larger HSS, pipe and angle sizes
  • A new, all-in-one, “super table” that gives the available compressive, flexural, shear and tension strengths for W-shapes
  • W-shape column tables for 65- and 70-ksi steel
  • HSS design tables updated to higher strength ASTM A500 Grade C steel
  • Updated coped beam strength design procedure
  • The latest AISC codes and standards

The 15th Edition Manual is available for purchase in hard copy for $200 for AISC members and $400 for non-members. Orders may be placed online at or by calling 800.644.2400.