New Steel Bridge Collaboration Guides Now Available

In conjunction with AASHTO, NSBA has released two Steel Bridge Collaboration documents for free download. The documents join a growing list of AASHTO-approved guide and specification documents for use as references during the design, fabrication and erection processes.

G12.1 - 2016 Guidelines to Design for Constructability is an update to the 2003 document of the same title. G12.1 is intended for engineers, contractors and fabricators as a reference document to ensure efficient and economical girder design and construction. It features numerous changes that reflect the advancement of the industry over the past decade.

G2.2 - 2016 Guidelines for Resolution of Steel Bridge Fabrication Errors is a new document that addresses common issues during the fabrication process, from a misaligned bolt hole to a mis-cut member, and provides the necessary guidance to ensure an economical fix that preserves the long-term resilience of steel girders.

To view the new documents and to learn more about the AASHTO/NSBA Collaboration, visit