AISC Seeks Research Proposals on Eccentric Column Stiffeners and Bolts and Welds

AISC is seeking proposals for research projects that address the topics of eccentric column stiffeners, and bolts and welds in combination.

Proposals for research projects on eccentric column stiffeners should investigate the behavior of column stiffeners for beam-to-column connections that are offset from the beam flanges. Potential critical limits states include web buckling, web crippling, web yielding, flange bending and uneven stresses on the weld. Proposals should include consideration of past research, suggest analytical study and tests to expand current industry knowledge and result in practical design guidelines. The deadline for proposals is June 15, 2017.

Proposals for research projects on bolts and welds in combination should investigate the behavior of joints with bolts and welds sharing load. The difference in load-deformation behavior between bolts and welds is a source of uncertainty in determining the combined strengths. The principal investigator should develop a project plan, including analytical modeling and physical testing, that will evaluate the fundamental objectives, which include but are not limited to: determining the behavior of joints with pretensioned/slip‐critical bolts and longitudinal welds combined in a load‐sharing system; evaluating the provisions of the 2016 AISC Specification Section J1.8 and proposing a change if necessary; and providing design guidance for realistic connection configurations. Proposals on this topic are due by July 15, 2017.

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