AISC Releases Steel-Plate Composite Wall Design Guide for Nuclear Facilities

Modular steel-plate composite (SC) walls are improving overall schedule and quality in safety-related nuclear structures, and building designers now have a comprehensive resource to facilitate their design with AISC’s Design Guide 32: Design of Modular Steel-Plate Composite Walls for Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities. The guidelines and design examples outlined in this document are based on the first supplement to AISC’s Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear Facilities (ANSI/AISC N690).

“AISC’s steel specification for nuclear facilities, ANSI/AISC N690, saw a recent advancement with the introduction of provisions for the design of SC walls, and the next generation of nuclear power plants will see the use of SC walls to expedite construction through the use of modular assemblies composed of SC walls,” said Ron Janowiak, senior staff engineer at Exelon Corporation and chair of AISC’s task committee on nuclear facilities. “AISC’s Design Guide 32 provides guidance to engineers on the many aspects of analysis and design of these structures based on ANSI/AISC N690.”

This new guide contains both theoretical discussion as well as practical design examples. “Topics addressed include steel anchor detailing, modeling parameters for analysis, interaction equations for complex loadings, SC wall connections and various fabrication-related topics,” said Janowiak. “A detailed list of references is also provided.”

A downloadable PDF of the new guide is available for free to AISC members (and $60 for nonmembers) here. A printed version is also available for purchase here; the cost is $40 for members and $80 for nonmembers. And a summary of the guide will appear in the November issue of Modern Steel Construction.

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