Crawford, Bost to Lead Congressional Steel Caucus

Left to right: Rick Crawford and Mike Bost. 

The bipartisan Congressional Steel Caucus announced yesterday that representatives Rick Crawford (R-AR) and Mike Bost (R-IL) will lead the caucus as co-chairmen. Representative Pete Visclosky (D-IN) will continue to serve as vice chairman of the caucus, which was founded in the early 1970s to promote the health of the domestic steel industry and its workforce.

“Steel isn’t a product that we can depend on other nations to produce for us. Critical to our country’s infrastructure, military and economy as a whole, a strong domestic steel industry is a national security imperative that also provides excellent opportunities for people across the country living largely in rural areas like my district, the second-most steel-producing district in the nation,” said Crawford. “From working against unfair trade practices to protecting good-paying and highly-skilled American jobs, I’m looking forward to leading this caucus with my colleagues, representatives Mike Bost and Peter Visclosky.”

“I am honored to serve as co-chair for the bipartisan Congressional Steel Caucus, where we’ve got a new platform to fight for our steelworkers and American-made jobs,” commented Bost. “Steel is a backbone of the U.S. economy, generating 10,000 jobs in Illinois and nearly 140,000 nationwide. But these jobs are at risk due to global competitors who refuse to play by the rules. That’s why I’ve led the charge to strengthen our trade remedy laws and better ensure proper application of ‘Buy American’ preference laws, ensuring U.S. companies and workers have the tools to preserve jobs here at home. I’m excited to work with Republicans and Democrats on the caucus to provide real results for an industry that deserves it.”

Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), applauded the announcement of Crawford and Bost as the new co-chairmen of the caucus. “We are tremendously grateful for the leadership and support for steel by representatives Crawford and Bost, and look forward to working with them in their distinguished roles as Steel Caucus co-chairmen,” he said.

“Congressman Crawford has been a tenacious supporter of steel producing companies and their workers. With the first district of Arkansas among the top steel producing districts in the U.S., Congressman Crawford has worked tirelessly to ensure a strong steel industry,” Gibson remarked. “He has also been a vocal supporter of a robust, long-term transportation bill, and of workforce development to promote the future of the manufacturing workforce – both of which are key for the American steel industry.”

Gibson added, “Congressman Bost has been a leader in the fight to level the playing field for domestic steelmakers. He lead the effort to enact the first improvements to our trade laws in more than 20 years, and has consistently stood up for American workers whose jobs are put at risk by global competitors who skirt trade laws. His long-standing commitment and dedication to steel has been key in promoting more fair competition for the American steel industry.”