Steel Structure Trivia: Just Add Water

About 50 AEC professionals toured the construction site of the new DC Water Headquarters in Washington, D.C.’s Naval Yard on Wednesday as part of this year’s SteelDay. This steel-framed office project is planned to be one of the most energy efficient buildings in the Mid-Atlantic region. The 150,000 sq. ft building wraps around an operating pump station that handles about two-thirds of the metro area’s sewer outflow. Additionally, the below-grade surface area houses massive, 100-year-old clay pipes that had to be worked around. The project features a 220-ft-long, four-story truss that spans across much of the current vital infrastructure. Berlin Steel (an AISC member and certified fabricator and erector) was the project’s structural steel fabricator and erector. (Photo: AISC)

Our September trivia question is:

The new DC Water Headquarters sits on the banks of what Mid-Atlantic river?


The new DC Water Headquarters sits on the banks of the Anacostia River. Congratulations to our winners! They are: Derek Hoffman, a detailer/designer with SWF Industrial, Inc., Wrightsville, Pa.; and Nep Viajar, a civil/structural engineer at Fluor Corp., Houston.  

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