Fourth Quarter Engineering Journal Now Available

The fourth quarter 2018 issue of AISC’s Engineering Journal is now available at You can view, download and print the current digital edition.

Articles in this issue include:

  • “Post-Fire Axial Load Resistance of Concrete-Filled, Double-Skin Tube (CFDST) Stub Columns” by Reza Imani and Michel Bruneau

  • “Quantifying Inelastic Force and Deformation Demands on Buckling Restrained Braces and Structural System Response” by Justin D. Marshall, Brandt Saxey and Zhongliang Xie

  • “Local Strength of Single-Coped Beams” by Bo Dowswell
  • “Seismic Performance and Design of Steel Panel Dampers for Steel Moment Frames” by Judy Liu

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