Celebrate Halloween With This Spooky Steel Game

It's spooky season, so we're celebrating with a Halloween-themed steel quiz and a chance to win an AISC Design Guide!

Directions: Match the symbols to the photos they represent and name the steel term.

Example: "Steel Term" – 8j 

How to Win a Design Guide: Submit your solutions to this game AND a Steel Quiz question you create to by November 2nd. You can submit one question and answer or an entire quiz. If your quiz question is published, you will receive a shoutout in Modern Steel Construction. Find examples of Steel Quiz questions in our October issue.

Note: Five randomly selected people who get everything correct and submit a Steel Quiz question/answer will receive the free Design Guide of our choice. Check this page on November 4 for the answers; we'll contact you by Friday, November 8 if you're a lucky winner!




1e - dogbone 

2a - web

3d - rat hole

4c - skeleton

5b - weep hole

6f - dead load