AISC, RePicture Help Students Learn about STEM Careers  (Part Two)

Credit: Dllu

This summer, AISC teamed up with RePicture, a virtual community where students learn about STEM careers and real-world projects while researching structural steel-related engineering, architecture, and construction topics. The program began June 29 and wrapped up August 10, 2020.

Participating students were given the opportunity to show off what they learned for a chance to win awards across a variety of categories. Check out our winners from weeks three and four of the program below. 

Iconic and Innovative Steel Bridges Award

Students must complete a project write-up for a steel bridge that was innovative for its time period.

Winner: Noran Shahin (University of Houston) for The Bailey Bridge: A Bridge that Aided Victory in WWII

"When one thinks of innovative and record-breaking bridges, a simple truss bridge is hardly what comes to mind. However, in the midst of a prevailing world war, the need for temporary spans that could provide quick access across channels and rivers, and that could be used to replace bridges destroyed by German and Italian armies brought about the introduction and development of the Bailey Bridge."

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Steel Connections Award

Students must select one type of steel connection and write up the research and testing that was done to verify the selected connection.

Winner: Salma Shahin (University of Houston) for Steel Connections: The Secret to How Steel Structures Stay Together

"Have you ever wondered how steel members are held together in a structure? Just like a staple or a binder clip holds papers together, steel connections are what hold steel structures together."

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Sustainability and Steel Award

Students must select and complete a write-up on a LEED certified building that is built in structural steel.

Winner: Salma Shahin (University of Houston) for A Living Building - Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes

"A spectacular example of a LEED platinum (score 63/69 in version 2.2) certified building is The Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Referred to as a 'living building,' the CSL was designed to produce more energy than it consumes every year."

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The winners from weeks five and six of the program will be featured next week. And you can check out the winners from weeks one and two here. Thank you to all students who participated in this program!