AISC Launches Fabricator Sustainability Program to Drive Green Projects

AISC’s new Sustainability Partner Program is a win for specifiers, fabricators, and--of course!--the environment.

"Few people recognize that structural steel fabricators are the key player for a project's sustainability," said AISC Director of Sustainability and Government Relations Max Puchtel. "Fabrication itself accounts for less than 8% of structural steel's cradle-to-gate carbon footprint, but a fabricator's procurement responsibility means that their upstream influence is far greater."

The AISC Sustainability Partner Program is the first in the country to leverage the expertise and connections that structural steel fabricators bring to the table--and AISC does the legwork to make it easy for specifiers to make an informed choice when partnering with a fabricator. Just look for the Sustainability Partner Program logo! A list of sustainability partners is also published dynamically on the program's website.

Sustainability Partner fabricators undergo specialized training to equip them with the tools and skills they need to navigate a sustainability-focused project, as well as carbon footprint reduction strategies that make a difference.

The list of participating fabricators is rapidly growing! Fabricators interested in joining the program can learn more at It’s open to all AISC full member fabricators, and participation is free.

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