Coatings & Fire Protection

1650 Steel Way
Mount Joy PA  17552

Coatings & Fire Protection

  • AISC Sophisticated Coatings Endorsement
  • SSPC-QP3 Certification for the Application of Protective Coatings
  • 500 feet long Blasting & Coatings Facility, with 34-foot by 34-foot doors and a 100-ton “four-point pick-and-carry” crane system that runs the entire length of the facility
  • 100-Foot Long Heated Staging Area
  • 100-Foot Long Steel Grit Blast Booth
  • Three Separate 200-Foot Long Coating Booths
  • 31-Foot Hook Height of All Overhead Cranes
  • Up To Four Coat Epoxy Coatings
  • Metalizing For Food Grade and Highly Corrosive Environments

251 Edwards Ave.
New Castle DE 19720

6001 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77091

535 North Broad Street, Suite 5
Canfield OH  44406

Metallized coatings can be applied using 100% zinc or 85/15 combination zinc and aluminum. Common paint systems include IZEU, OZEU, Alkyd, Acrylic, and enamel-based. AISC Certified with Sophisticated Paint Endorsement. Facility is designed to handle products 14 ft wide by 13 ft high up to 130 ft long.

101 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland OH  44115-1075

In the shop and the field, Sherwin-Williams high-performance coating systems for fabricated steel apply and cure quickly, improve your productivity, and provide better long-term value. We have solutions that defend against corrosion and extend the life of steel surfaces. Count on Sherwin-Williams to help you keep your projects on schedule and corrosion at bay.

2410 HWY 15
South Sumter SC  29154

Sumter provides heavy-duty, rust-inhibitive universal primers that provide superior durability and corrosion resistance. Designed to be topcoated with strong solvent-containing coatings such as epoxies, vinyls, urethanes, conventional alkyd, or oil-based coatings.

Tnemec Company, Inc.
AISC Member Orange Block

800 Corporate Drive

Kansas City, MO 64120


For nearly a century, Tnemec Company, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of coatings and coating systems for exterior and interior environments.

Founded on product innovation, the company has sustained its pioneering heritage with the development of high-performance industrial coatings, designed for a range of applications from superior abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance to interior linings, seamless flooring and wall systems, and fluid-applied thermal insulation.

2525 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75356