Marketing Kit

Marketing Kit

You play a very important role in helping make NASCC: The Steel Conference a success! Please use the materials below to help promote your participation. This page will be updated with new resources periodically. 

General Guidelines

  • The official URL is
  • On first reference, NASCC: The Steel Conference. Subsequent references, The Steel Conference. Do not use NASCC by itself, The AISC Conference, or older variations. 
  • On first reference, SSRC Annual Stability Conference. Subsequent references, SSRC Conference. Do not use SSRC by itself or older variations. 
  • On first reference, World Steel Bridge Symposium. Subsequent references, WSBS. Do not use Symposium by itself or in other variations. 
  • On first reference, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Subsequent references, AISC. Do not place "the" in front of AISC.

Social Media

Official AISC Accounts 

Quick Tips

  • Include a picture in every post 
  • Do not use punctuation in any hashtag 
  • Connect with users via The Steel Conference hashtags 

The official hashtag for 2020 is #NASCC20. Please use in conjunction with #AISC. The below examples can be used in your promotion. We will upload photos 

Example Posts 


  • If you're participating in #NASCC20 stop by booth ### and receive a personalized demo! #AISC
  • Excited to exhibit at #NASCC20 in Atlanta! For details, visit [link to your company webpage]. #AISC
  • The #NASCC20 exhibit hall is now open! Come visit us at booth ####! #AISC


  • We're a proud sponsor of #NASCC20 ! See you in St. Louis! #AISC [include picture of logo, merchandise or something personalized to company]
  • We're thrilled to be one of the NASCC: The Steel Conference sponsors! Take a pic and tag us and #NASCC20 #AISC with our merch! 
  • If you see our merch at #NASCC20 - let us know! We'd love to see you at NASCC: The Steel Conference! #AISC


  • I'll be speaking at #NASCC20 on [insert day] at [insert time], you won't want to miss this session! #AISC
  • Want to learn more about my research? I'll be presenting my findings at session ### at #NASCC20 on April ##! #AISC
  • I'm sharing new and innovative ideas at #NASCC20 on April ## at [insert time]. See you there! #AISC
  • [During/after your session] Don't forget to log your PDHs on the #NASCC20 mobile app or at! #AISC


  • Can't wait to attend #NASCC20 this April! Who's going to be there? #AISC
  • I'm looking forward to [insert exhibit hall/session/networking, etc.] at #NASCC20 ! What are you most excited about? #AISC

Email Signatures

Exhibitor and Speaker badges will be made available soon. You can use these to promote yourself as an NASCC: The Steel Conference exhibitor or speaker in the months leading up to the conference. These are great to use in your email signature and can be used on social media and other promotional places as well. 

Vanity URLs

Please use the following links in your promotion as they are made available: