NASCC: The Steel Conference

Keynote Speakers

Wednesday's Keynote Speaker: Gerry O'Brion!


Gerry O'Brion, Strategy and Branding Expert

Gerry is a strategy and branding expert who has worked on several billion-dollar brands and distilled that experience into a framework that will challenge your thinking about why customers buy and how they make referrals. 

Presentation: What Big Brands Know

Learn a framework in innovation and influence that will show you how to become the #1 choice in crowded industries. Gerry will show you how to create disruptive strategies and messaging to attract your ideal customers, and how to leverage change to create unique competitive advantages making you the clear choice in your industry.




Thursday's Keynote Speaker: Jim Fisher



Friday's Keynote Speaker: Bo Dowswell

Bo Dowswell headshot




Presentation: Gusset Plates: The Evolution of Simplified Design Models

In the design of steel structures, each member is isolated and evaluated using the appropriate AISC Specification requirements. Similarly, gusset plate connections can be complex structural systems that are separated into several elements for design purposes. The behavior of these gusset plate elements can be captured with simple design models, where portions of the plate are treated as structural members with well-documented and predictable behavior. This presentation will provide a brief history of gusset plate design methods and discuss their evolution over the last century. Current design provisions will be discussed, where column and beam models are used to predict the strength of gusset plates in various configurations, including wrap-around gusset plates. The presentation will conclude with a preview of a new method to predict the compression strength of gusset plates using notional loads.