National Steel Bridge Alliance

Steel Bridge Design Suite

The Steel Bridge Design Suite is a bundled group of software tools and documents for designers to utilize during the preliminary design phase.  After downloading, the designer receives the Simon, as well as the Steel Bridge Design Handbook and the latest AASHTO-NSBA Collaboration Standards.  Couple these documents with the Simon software and NSBA Splice and the designer has all the tools he or she needs to develop an efficent and economical steel bridge design.

Simon Analysis Software

Simon is a line girder analysis software that can be used to analyze straight and low skew plate girder and tub girder bridges.  Simon is perfect for those bridge projects that don't require a 3D finite model and where hand calculations would be too involved.  For 2016 the product features a number of enhancements:

  • 7th Edition AASHTO compliant.
  • Additional user documentation.  The black box has been opened up.  Read about what the program is doing and how it is doing it.
  • Internally calculated live load distribution factors.
  • Deck pour sequencing.
  • Web depth optimization feature.  Software will iterate designs above and below trial web depth.
  • Tabulated splice input information.  The output screen from Simon matches the input screen for NSBA Splice, making for easy information transfer between the two programs.