National Steel Bridge Alliance

Conference Proceedings


Presentation Title Author
Case Study of Keg Creek and Little Silver Creek Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects Norm McDonald
Accelerated Steel Solution in the Heart of Iron Country Vincent Gastoni
Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Use in Bridge Construction Tom Langill
Long-Term Creep Performance of Metallized Faying Surfaces Charles-Darwin Annan
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Software for Steel Bridge Erection and Construction Paul Biju-Duval
Rail Through-Plate Girder 3-D Analysis for Fundamental Evaluation of Knee Brace Behavior Duncan Paterson
Challenging Skew: Higgins Road Steel I-Girder Bridge Over I-90 Brandon Chavel
Case Studies of Complex Girder Erection Myles Lewis
US 84 Mississippi River Bridge—Truss Pin and Link Replacement Andrew Keaschall
Using Fabrication and Metrology Advances With Skewed and Curved Pre-erected Multi Span Pedestrian Bridge James Gregg
Federal Policy on Redundancy and Fracture Critical Members Bob Cisneros
Toward an Integrated Fracture Control Plan Matt Hebdon
Investigation and Repair of the Diefenbaker Ryan Sherman
The Goethals Bridge Replacement Greg Hasbrouck
Advancing the State of Practice in Steel Bridge Evaluation Seth Condell

Advancing the State of Practice in Steel Bridge Evaulation: Application of the Master Curve and Fitness-for-Service for Existing Structures

William Collins
Strengthening Continuous Steel Girder Bridges with Post-Installed Shear Connectors Kerry Kreitman
Practical Implementation of Stability Bracing Strength and Stiffness Guidelines for Steel I-Girder Bridges Domenic Coletti
FDOT's Criteria for Wind on Partially Constructed Bridges Dennis Golabek
Reconstructing Chicago's Interchange by the Lake Chris Stine
Setting the Stage for Successful Resequencing of a Major River Bridge During Construction Shane Beabes
Design-Build of US 69 Bridge Over Missouri River Frank Blakemore
Success with Steel: The I-25/Paseo del Norte Interchange Reconstruction Flyover Amanda White
Bridge Over the Ter River in Girona Spain: Complex Simplicity Juan Sobrino
Steelwork Solutions with Modern Structural Shapes: European Trends in Steel Fabrication Riccardo Zanon
Scanning, Plating and Heat Straightening, Oh My! Steve Olson
Seismic Design of the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Approach Spans Brad Robson
Lake Bridges Basket-Handle Network Tied Arch Superstructure Design Jason Stith