National Steel Bridge Alliance

Hulton Bridge

Merit Award Winner—Major Span

A western Pennsylvania landmark located 13 miles east of Pittsburgh, the Hulton Bridge provides a vital regional connection to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and State Route 28 and 910 interchanges. With a main span of over 450 ft, the Hulton Bridge is proving that steel plate girders can be the economical choice for major span bridges.

The bridge is proportioned so well it masks the fact that the main span is 500 ft long. Coupled with an innovative strand jacking method of main-span construction, steel bridges again show their flexibility to adapt to any site,” said Frank Russo PE, PhD, Michael Baker International, a judge in the competition.

Prize Bridge Information

  • Year Awarded: 2018
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Award Class: Major Span
  • Designer/EOR: Gannett Fleming
  • Fabricator: High Steel Structures LLC (AISC Member/AISC Certified)
  • Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corporation