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The Staggered Truss System-Structural Considerations

The Staggered Truss System-Structural Considerations

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The Staggered Truss System-Structural Considerations

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Scalzi, John B. (1971). "The Staggered Truss System-Structural Considerations," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 8, pp. 138-143.

THE STAGGERED TRUSS system is a new concept in structural steel framing for high rise buildings. The system consists of a series of story-high trusses spanning the total width between two rows of exterior columns and arranged in a staggered pattern on adjacent column lines. The staggered truss system for steel framing is an efficient structural system for high rise apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, and hospitals. The arrangement of story-high trusses in a staggered pattern at alternate column lines provides large column-free areas for room layouts. The interaction of the floors, trusses, and columns makes the structure perform as a single unit, thereby taking maximum advantage of the strength and rigidity of all the components simultaneously. Each component performs its particular function, totally dependent upon the others for its performance. The staggered truss system of steel framing has become an economical system for high rise, high density occupancy buildings.

  • Published: 1971, Quarter 4


John B. Scalzi