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Since its early days, many expected BIM (building information modeling) to be replaced or superseded by the next bright, shiny object--but that hasn't happened yet. While it has matured from its early days and is now seen as an everyday occurrence, it's still somehow shrouded in confusion and questions.

A key issue is a simple lack of references, a feeling of being out in the woods without a map to get you where you want to go. That's not to say there are no references. There are actually quite a few BIM manuals, guidebooks, and introductions, but many are, to put it politely, not terribly accessible, and none of them are specific to the steel construction industry.

AISC's BIM & VDC for Structural Steel and its newly released companion, Model Review and Approval, are geared specifically toward the structural steel design community. And yes, that's two acronyms in one title; the latter stands for virtual design and construction. These free guides will not only provide an introduction to BIM, but also address issues that affect the design and fabrication of structural steel

Read more about BIM & VDC for Structural Steel in the article "Writing the Book on BIM" in December 2019's issue of Modern Steel Construction. Complete the form below to submit feedback to Luke Faulkner, AISC's director of technology initiatives or email

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