Digital Manual Support

Digital Manual Support

Purchasing and Licensing

The digital Manual is available on this website at


There are no discounts related to prior AISC Manual purchases in print or digital format. 

Multiple-User Licenses

The online digital Manual is only available in a single-user subscription version. For enterprise-level solutions to AISC publication access, visit our publications customer service page for more information.

Instructions and Login

Besides getting a receipt during checkout, subscribers will find an instructional PDF in the Purchased Downloads section of their member profile on the the AISC site.

The login page for the digital Manual is You must be online to access the digital Manual.

Password and Username

Your digital Manual subscription is linked to your AISC site credentials and uses the same username and password. Therefore, you need to use your current AISC username and password to access your digital Manual subscription. If you need assistance resetting your username or password, visit our login help page. This is the quickest way to regain access to the AISC site and your digital Manual subscription. 

Subscription Issues

Your digital Manual subscription is good for one year from the date of purchase. You will receive a renewal notice prior to the expiration date of your one-year term.

Subscription Not Working

Email and we’ll help.

Transferring Subscriptions

AISC recognizes that there are situations where someone may purchase a subscription in an incorrect AISC member account. The designated company contact should email with the information about the two AISC accounts and we can transfer the subscription to the appropriate one. The original expiration date will remain unchanged.

Support Period

The 15th Edition digital Manual will be active until approximately one year after the release of the 16th Edition Manual.


If your initial subscription expired (or any subsequent year’s renewal term expired), AISC will reinstate your digital Manual subscription at the current renewal rate. 

Renew Digital Manual


Can I preview the digital Manual?

Yes! Preview the first 20 pages free.

Can I use the digital Manual if I'm not online?

No. You must be connected to the Internet to access the digital Manual.

Can I print the digital Manual?

No. Due to copyright protection concerns, printing is not available. If necessary, you can use a screen-capture function to create an image for personal (non-reproduction) use.

Can I download the digital Manual for use offline?

No. Due to copyright protection concerns, the digital Manual is only available online, in a web browser, while connected to the Internet. If you need this functionality, visit our publications customer service support page for information about third party services that can provide this functionality.

Can I add bookmarks or take notes? 

No. These features are not available.

Technical Issues

The application loads, but the contents of the digital manual show up as blank pages when I try to view them.

You may have a firewall installed that is preventing the page assets from being loaded from the content delivery network. Make sure your firewall allows you to load content from all domains, e.g.,,,, etc.

Some of the pages are showing up as blanks when I try to view them.

In our experience we’ve found that it’s usually a browser issue of some sort. Try refreshing the page (F5), clearing your browser cache, restarting your browser completely or restarting your computer.

I need to report a bug.

Tell us about a bad link or something in the Manual that’s just not right with our feedback form.


We know we can't anticipate every question or issue you might have. Please complete our feedback form for additional assistance.