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What is a Conceptual Solution? 

The development of a Conceptual Solution is a complimentary service provided by the Steel Solutions Center to demonstrate the viability of a steel framing system for a specific project. The Steel Solutions Center will evaluate the project requirements and develop a solution to meet those requirements using a structural steel system for the proposed building or bridge layout.

A Building Conceptual Solution can include:

  • Framing system comparisons based on economy, ease of erection, and project schedule
  • Floor framing bay studies and optimized column layouts
  • Evaluation of steel framing systems for project-specific requirements, including low floor-to-floor heights and vibration 
  • Member sizes and steel quantities based on past framing studies

A Bridge Conceptual Solution can include:

  • Steel bridge superstructure designed per AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and limited State design criteria for Strength I, Strength II, Service II, and Fatigue limit states, as well as specific deck placement sequence and Constructability criteria
  • A report that includes the recommended project-specific steel bridge structural details including typical cross-section, framing plan, girder elevation, suggested cross-frame or diaphragm types, and other concept details
  • Controlling maximum performance ratio criteria and location, girder service bearing reactions, estimated structural steel quantities, and fabricator FOB pricing estimates for delivery to jobsite
  • LRFD Simon input file used for analysis and design

Check out the sample Conceptual Solutions below for an idea of what we're able to provide and contact our Steel Solutions Center for a customized Conceptual Solution for your specific project.

Building Conceptual Solution Example


Example Building Conceptual Solutions

We have developed prototypes that are representative of many similar structures and can serve as examples of conceptual solutions that we are able to provide. SSC clients often use as these as the first step in moving their projects forward in steel. Examples of information typically received and the conceptual solutions provided in reply are both presented in these prototypes. Our conceptual solutions also come with continued support throughout the life of the project from the SSC and more directly, AISC's regional Structural Steel Specialists.

Bridge Conceptual Solution Example

Example Bridge Conceptual Solution

The conceptual solution and estimates for this project are based on parameters defined through bridge preliminary design information received and GDOT Bridge and Structures Design Manual. This conceptual study examined a continuous 2 - span steel bridge superstructure. The conceptual design is based on the Load and Resistance Factor Design method in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification, 9th Edition.

Bridge Conceptual Solution Example

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