Checklist for Facility Tours

Setting Up the Tour

  • Decide who to invite--consider inviting local legislators or media
  • Send the invitation
  • Track and confirm RSVPs and follow up as necessary
  • Provide directions to your facility
  • Make sure your employees are prepared for the tour

Organizing the Tour

  • Establish the look and feel of welcome area--determine how you want the entrance of your facility to appear when your guests arrive. Think about the type of signage you want to use and whether any displays will be set up here or somewhere else.
  • Place your catering order if you will be providing breakfast or lunch to guests
  • Reserve a room for your guests with appropriate equipment if there will be a presentation
  • Plan your tour script
  • Create name badges for guests and staff
  • Determine what machinery will be in operation
  • Determine required safety equipment--included construction helmets, goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Designate a photographer
  • Display your product if you can
  • Have company brochures or literature available

Conducting the Tour

  • Welcome guests on arrival 
  • Provide safety equipment to your guests, if needed
  • Share your company's story and mention any talking points you prepared
  • Hand out your SteelDay swag from AISC (that's right, as a SteelDay host, you will receive a fun box of swag items to hand out to your event attendees)

After the Tour

  • Send a thank you email to guests
  • Post pictures of your event on social media. Tag AISC in your posts and use the following hashtags: #SteelDay #WeAreSteel
  • Let us know how your event went
  • Start planning next year's SteelDay event!