Event Ideas

  • Facility Tour or Open House 
    The easiest type of event to plan! Set a time, add some food and beverage, and invite your local contacts in for networking and a tour. Add a presentation if you'd like a chance to give attendees more in-depth info about your business.

  • Multiple Facility Tour
    Collaborate with other industry facilities in your area so that attendees can visit multiple types of facilities in one day: e.g., a service center, a fabricator, and a galvanizer.

  • Jobsite Tour
    Are there any projects you're working on locally where a tour could be arranged? 

  • Local Building Tour
    Don't have a project underway? Is there an architecturally interesting steel building nearby where a "behind the scenes" tour could be arranged?

  • Equipment Tour
    Do you own or use some interesting equipment or machinery? For example, many erection companies own and store cranes and other equipment that is of interest to visitors. Offer an equipment tour, followed by a presentation.

  • Presentations/Seminars/SteelTalk
    Sponsor and arrange a seminar or presentation about structural steel for architects, engineers, contractors, or students. Ask AISC for help. 

Whatever you decide, try to make it interactive. Let your guests be involved. The bottom line? It's up to you! Keep it simple or be creative.