Promote Your Event

How to Start Promoting Your Event

Make sure your event is visible. 

  • Is your event listing and information at correct?
  • Do you have event information on your own website?
  • Have you created a SteelDay promotional flyer?
  • If you were attending your own event, would you be able to find what you need? 

Let people know you're hosting an event.

  • Tell every member of your organization about your SteelDay event. 
  • Ask them to tell everyone they know about it!
  • Include information about your event in your company newsletter or magazine.
  • Add the SteelDay logo to your company website, along with your event information.
  • Invite all your contacts to your event--everyone you know!
  • Consider making SteelDay your annual customer appreciation day.

Told everyone you know? Tell a few more people!

  • Mail an invitation to local architects, engineers, and contractors.
  • Add the SteelDay logo to all your internal and external documents.
  • Invite a local high school, community college, or university to your facility.
  • Send a press release to local television stations and newspapers about your involvement in SteelDay and about some of the local projects you have been involved in. 
  • Invite the mayor, local legislators or dignitaries, or your local Chamber of Commerce. 


Social Media Quick-Tips

  • Include a picture in every post
  • Do not use punctuation in any hashtag
  • Connect with users via the SteelDay hashtag and invite them to your event


Example Posts:

  • If you're celebrating #SteelDay register for our event [name of event] and receive a personalized demo! <event link>
  • We're excited to host a #SteelDay event! See you Sept. 25! #WeAreSteel [include picture of your shop/something related to your event] 
  • We're thrilled to be one of the SteelDay hosts! Take a pic and tag us using #SteelDay and #WeAreSteel at our event!
  • You're invited to our #SteelDay event on [date]! Come network and let us know how we can help with all of your steel needs! 

Vanity URLs

Please use the following links in your SteelDay promotion: