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The following is a list of all research projects AISC is involved in. Click on the title of each column to sort it and click on any title to learn more about that project.

* denotes a Milek Fellowship Award project

Report Title Primary Investigator(s) Institution Year AISC Report No.
Synthesis of Design, Testing and Analysis Research on Steel Column Base Plate Connections in High-Seismic Zones Jerome Hajjar and Robert Dexter University of Minnesota 2005 3273
Experimental Results of the AISC Full-Scale Column Blast Test Ruben Martinez Karagozian & Case 2006 3274
Studs Thru Deck Welding, Coated Steel Yoni Adonyi LeTourneau University 2006 3275
Effects of Slab Post-Tensioning on Supporting Steel Beams Kent Harries University of Pittsburgh 2007 3276
Robustness in Structural Steel Framing Systems Chris Foley Marquette University 2007 3277
Shear Transfer in Exposed Column Base Plates Phase I Amit Kavinde and Gregory Deierlein University of California, Davis and Stanford University 2009 3278
Seismic Strength of Moment End-Plate Connections with Attached Concrete Slab Thomas Murray Virginia Tech 2009 3279
Progressive Collapse Analysis of an Existing Building Halil Sezen Ohio State University 2009 3280
Performance-Based Plastic Design of Earthquake Resistant Concentrically Braced Steel Frames Subhash Goel University of Michigan 2010 3281
Towards Systems Behavior Factors for Composite Frames: Experimental and Analytical Studies Jerome Hajjar and Roberto Leon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Georgia Tech 2011 3282
Economic and Serviceable Seismic Systems Phase II - All-Bolted Buckling Restrained Braced Frames Patrick McManus and Jay Puckett Martin/Martin Inc. and University of Wyoming 2011 3283
Bracing for Stability Joseph A. Yura and Todd A. Helwig University of Texas, Austin University of Houston 1995 3305
The Behavior and Analysis of Double Row Bolted Shear Web Connections J.M. Ricles and J.A. Yura University of Texas, Austin 1980 973
Tests of Bolted Shear Web Connections Bert G. Shelton and Joseph A. Yura University of Texas, Austin 1981 989
Design of Single Plate Framing Connections with A307 Bolts Ralph M. Richard University of Arizona 1982 990