Safety Publications

Harwood Grant for Targeted OSHA Training
In 2014, Professor T. Mrozowski of Michigan State University was awarded a Harwood Grant for Targeted OSHA Training. He developed presentations and training tools with input from AISC members and structural steel stakeholders. These presentations and other documents are now available in .ppt format for use in your organizations:

Module 0: Warehouse Worker Hazards in Steel Fabrication
Module 1: Hazards Overview
Module 2: Material Handling and Storage
Module 3: Material Handling Equipment
Module 4: Hazard Communication
Module 5: Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries
Module 6: Electrical Safety
Module 7: Respiratory Safety and PPE
Module 8: Workers' Rights
Module 9: Secondary Training
Steel Process Chart
Module 1 Hazard Mapping Part A
Module 1 Hazard Mapping Part B
Pre-Program Assessment
Attendee Background 

Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry
This instructional guide establishes OSHA's general enforcement and guidance policy for its standards addressing personal protective equipment. It instructs OSHA enforcement personnel on both the agency's interpretations of those standards and the procedures for enforcing them.

Targeting the Deadly Dozen
Courtesy of IMPACT, the Ironworkers National Training Fund has developed a comprehensive training module that utilizes job site footage, student manuals, and instructor Powerpoint photographs to illustrate common hazards, proper installation, and work techniques. In many cases, incident reports have revealed the lack of instruction on specific hazards as a contributing factor.

OSHA Evacuation Plans and Procedures eTool
This OSHA "expert system" helps create a simplistic Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in about 10-15 minutes given basic input from the user. There are also useful links to background information to help the user understand the requirements to develop an EAP that meets their specific needs.

OSHA Hazard Communication Reference Page
Various resources and information regarding the Hazard Communication Standard have been organized for convenient access; this page contains links on a variety of HCS topics, including relevant interpretations, FAQS, and the like.